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The Michigan Realtors® is the recognized public policy and legal advocate for private property rights and the real estate industry. We are also the recognized statewide resource for professional development, knowledge exchange and business services. 

Located just a short walk to Michigan’s State Capitol, we keep a finger on the pulse of State government and all policies affecting Realtors®, industry professionals, and business and home owners. We at the Michigan Realtors® love what we do and it shows in our results and in how we get there. We are determined; we are passionate in protecting the rights of private property owners and are committed to serve the membership and highlight our mission. We are confident, creative, and never satisfied with the status quo. 

Innovative thinking is always welcome and we each take personal responsibility for growing the prestige and importance of the Michigan Realtors®. We guide with best intentions and strive to make each other better. We believe that teamwork is not just a word, it is our essence. It means that when things are most challenging, we are at our best.

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Senior Staff

Robert M. Campau, Esq., RCE, CAE

Shelley Albert, C2EX
Executive Assistant to Robert Campau, CEO
517.334.5561 (ext. 561)

Tara Gallagher
Chief Financial Officer
517.334.5562 (ext. 562)

Senior Staff

Brad Ward, Esq., C2EX
Vice President of Public Policy & Legal Affairs

Theresa Gray
Assistant to Brad Ward, VP
517.334.5545 (ext. 545)

Brian Westrin, Esq.
General Counsel
517.334.5558 (ext. 558)

Public Policy | Legal Affairs

Becky Berke, Esq.
Director of Legal Education

Real Estate Sign Advertising Questions

517-334-5553 (ext. 553)

Doug Merriam, MBA
Realtor® Party Advocacy Director

Ryan Knight
Public Policy Field Director
517.334.5565 (ext. 565)

Senior Staff

Amy Taylor
Public Policy Field Director
517.334.5541 (ext. 541)

Michelle Brant, C2EX
Member Experience Projects Manager
517.334.5538 (ext. 538)


CE Marketplace | Education

Darryl Garvin
CE Marketplace Web Systems Manager
517.334.5556 (ext. 556)

Michele Klisch
CE Marketplace Customer Service Specialist
517.334.5552 (ext. 552)

Senior Staff

Sadie Wollet
CE Marketplace Customer Service & Education Assistant



Becky Francoeur, CTA, CMP
Events Manager
517.334.5563 (ext. 563)

Senior Staff



Kaetana Beech
Finance & RPAC Specialist
RPAC Investment Inquiries

Change of address requests - E-News/Magazine

517-334-5554 (ext. 554)

Phoebe Biermann
Office Coordinator
517.334.5566 (566)

Senior Staff

Annette Brown
Senior Accountant
517.334.5551 (ext. 551)

Anthony Darabos
Senior Accountant
517.334.5537 (ext. 537)

Communications | Marketing

Sarah Curry
Multimedia & Production Specialist
517.334.5550 (ext. 550)

Joe Kras, MBA
Communications & Marketing Director

Magazine & E-News Advertising Inquiries

517.334.5535 (ext. 535)

Senior Staff

Tashina Okonowski
Graphic Design & Marketing Specialist
517.334.5549 (ext. 549)

Carl Rasmussen
Multimedia Specialist

Information Technology

Andrew Francoeur
Information Technology (IT) Manager
517.334.5564 (ext. 564)

Senior Staff



Terri Bidelman

Nick Miller

Careers & Opportunities

Michigan Realtors® offers exciting career opportunities in state association work and a competitive benefits package. Join our team and help directly impact an industry.

  • Competitive benefits package
  • 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plan
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Energetic and collaborative work environment

There are currently no job postings at this time.