Michigan Realtors® PAC 2022 Primary Endorsements

Michigan Realtors® PAC (RPAC) is pleased to announce its current list of endorsed candidates for State House and Senate in 2022.

“These candidates and incumbents earning the Realtor® endorsement value the American dream of homeownership, protection of private property rights, and the importance of real estate to our economy”, said Chris Dean, 2022 RPAC Trustees Chair.

Over the past several weeks, candidates for office met with local Realtor® associations to discuss issues impacting the real estate industry as part of the endorsement process. It is important to note that, throughout the candidate interview process, some local associations choose to wait until after the primary to finalize their recommendations. Local Realtor® associations will continue to meet with candidates throughout the 2022 election season to make additional endorsements. It should be noted that, in those primary races where no endorsement has yet been made, future endorsements may be forthcoming for the general election.

Dist. Party Michigan Senate 
1 D Erika Geiss
2 D Sylvia Santana
3 D Stephanie Chang
4 D Darrin Camilleri
5 D Dayna Polehanki
6 D Mary Cavanagh
7 D Jeremy Moss
9 R Michael Webber 
11 R Michael McDonald 
12 D Kevin Hertel 
15 D Jeff Irwin 
18 R Thomas Albert 
20 R Aric Nesbitt 
21 D Sarah Anthony 
22 R Lana Theis 
23 R Jim Runestad
24 R Ruth Johnson 
28 D Sam Singh
30 R Mark Huizenga
31 R Roger Victory 
32 R Jon Bumstead
33 R Rick Outman 
34 R Roger Hauck
36 R Michele Hoitenga 
37 R John Damoose
38 R Ed McBroom 
Dist. Party Michigan House of Representatives
3 D Alabas Farhat 
4 D Karen Whitsett
6 D Regina Weiss
7 D Helena Scott 
8 D Mike McFall
10 D Joe Tate
13 D Lori Stone
16 D Stephanie Young
18 D Jason Hoskins
19 D Samantha Steckloff
21 D Kelly Breen
22 D Matt Koleszar
24 D Ranjeev Puri
25 D Kevin Coleman
29 D Alex Garza 
34 R Dale Zorn 
35 R Andrew Fink
37 R Brad Paquette
39 R Pauline Wendzel 
40 D Christine Morse 
41 D Julie Rogers 
42 R Matt Hall
45 R Sarah Lightner
49 R Ann Bollin
50 R Bob Bezotte 
52 R Mike Harris
53 D Brenda Carter 
56 R Mark Gunn
57 R Tom Kuhn
58 D Nate Shannon
59 R Doug Wozniak
60 R Joseph Aragona
63 D Kelly Noland 
65 R Jamie Greene 
67 R Phil Green
68 R David Martin 
72 R Mike Mueller
73 D Julie Brixie
74 D Kara Hope
75 D Penelope Tsernoglou
76 D Angela Witwer
81 R Lynn Afendoulis
83 D John Fitgerald
84 R Mike Milanowski
85 R Bradley Slagh
88 R Greg VanWoerkom
89 R Luke Meerman
90 R Bryan Posthumus 
91 R Pat Outman 
93 R Graham Filler 
94 D Amos O'Neal
96 R Timothy Beson
100 R Tom Kunse
102 R Curt VanderWall
103 R Jack O'Malley
104 R John Roth
105 R Ken Borton
106 R Cam Cavitt
110 R Greg Markkanen