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RPAC Election Recap

The Michigan General Election has wrapped. Michigan had 110 State House of Representative seats up for grabs, 15 U.S. Congressional seats, and 2 Michigan Supreme Court Justice seats available. There were countless local ballot initiatives and two state-wide ballot proposals.

With the help of our Local Associations and the RPAC Trustee Committee, RPAC made endorsements in all 127 candidate races. RPAC with an endorsement success rate of 96%.

U.S. Senate

The U.S. Senate race between Republican candidate John James and incumbent Senator Gary Peters will go down as one of the most expensive in Michigan history. After James’ early lead, Senator Gary Peters’ vote count surpassed James, as absentee ballots were counted. With 99.7% of precincts Reporting, the race was called for Incumbent Senator Gary Peters who held a total of 2,718,451 votes.

US. House of Representatives

Incumbent U.S. Representatives in the following Michigan U.S. House districts were re-elected: 1st (Rep. Bergman), 2nd (Rep. Huizenga), 4th (Rep. Moolenaar), 5th (Rep. Kildee), 6th (Rep. Upton),7th (Rep. Walberg), 8th (Rep. Slotkin), 9th (Rep. Levin), 11th (Rep. Stevens), 12th (Rep. Dingell),13th (Rep. Tlaib), and 14th (Rep. Lawrence). Michigan had two open U.S. Congressional seats (3) and (10). Business-woman Lisa McClain rolled her democratic opponent and will succeed U.S. Representative Paul Mitchell in the 10th District. GOP nominee Peter Meijer also won his race against Democratic opponent Hillary Scholten to secure the 3rd District and succeed U.S. Representative Justin Amash. These two open seat victories mean an even Republican/Democrat split in Michigan’s Congressional delegation.

Michigan Supreme Court

Michigan Supreme Court candidates are nominated by political parties but are not partisan towards their nominating party. The Democrat Party nominated Incumbent Justice Bridget Mary McCormack and Elizabeth Welch and the Republican Party nominated Brock Swartzle and Mary Kelly. The election was for two full-term seats on the Michigan Supreme Court. RPAC endorsed Justice Bridget Mary McCormack and Judge Brock Swartzle. After the votes were counted Justice McCormack won re-election to the State Supreme Court. Joining her is her Democrat nominated colleague, Elizabeth Welch.

Michigan House of Representatives

With polling showing that a State House majority flip was possible, Republicans had a tremendously successful general election night. Michigan House Republicans will maintain a 58-52 Majority. The House Dems were able to flip two Republican-held open seats in Districts 38 (Kelly Breen) and 61 (Christine Morse). However, these flips were countered as the House Republicans defeated Democrat incumbents in District 48 (Sheryl Kennedy) and 96 (Brian Elder).

Proposal 1

RPAC also supported Proposal 1 to expand the Natural Resources Trust Fund to alleviate the current royalty cap of $500 Million. The cap removal enables the Natural Resources Trust Fund to protect Michigan’s parks and recreational facilities for years to come. Proposal 1 was voted on and passed with an 84% supporting vote.

August 2020

With Tuesday’s Primary Election behind us, the Michigan Realtors® RPAC Trustees are very excited with the results. Thanks to the hard work from volunteer leadership with every local association, along with the efforts and final deliberation of the RPAC Trustees, Michigan RPAC provided candidate endorsements in 117 races – with an exceptional 95% of those candidates winning their primary election. This success is in large part due to the local candidate interview process, which includes industry-specific Q&A with the candidates to determine their respective positions on issues impactful to the real estate industry. We want to express our immense gratitude to the members and Realtor® champions who participated in the interviewing process.  

While we are extremely pleased with the successes in the Primary, we now focus our attention to the General Election on November 3, 2020. Michigan RPAC is gearing up to make key endorsements in all 125 races. If you have any questions regarding the election outcomes and the endorsement process, please contact your designated field staff for clarification. 

July 2020: RPAC has announced our endorsed candidates for Michigan’s August 4th, 2020 primary election for both the state and federal levels. 

Throughout the past couple months, candidates went through an extensive interview process hosted by local Realtor® associations to discuss important real estate issues and the core values of private property rights, homeownership, and commercial investment, to earn the RPAC endorsement. All endorsements were reviewed by the Michigan Realtors® RPAC Trustees. Federal Candidates earned the backing of the National Association of Realtors® Political Action Committee. 

“All of these candidates strive to preserve the dream of homeownership and recognize the importance of real estate in Michigan’s economy” says Meagan Luce, 2020 Michigan Realtors® RPAC Trustees Chair. 

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2020 General Election Ballot Proposal Endorsements

Prop. Ballot Proposal Endorsements
1 Ballot Proposal 1

RPAC 2020 General Election Endorsed Candidates

Dist. U.S. Senate
1 Gary Peters - (D)
Dist. U.S. House of Representatives 
1 Jack Bergman - (R)
2 Bill Huizenga - (R)
3 Peter Meijer - (R)
4 John Moolenaar - (R)
5 Dan Kildee - (D)
6 Fred Upton - (R)
7 Tim Walberg - (R)
8 Elissa Slotkin - (D)
9 Andy Levin - (D)
10 Lisa McClain - (R)
11 Haley Stevens - (D)
12 Debbie Dingell - (D)
13 Rashida Tlaib - (D)
14 Brenda Lawerence - (D)
  Michigan Supreme Court
  Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack - Non-partisan
  Brock Swartzle - Non-partisan
Dist. Michigan House of Representatives 
1 Teshina Yancey - (D)
2 Joe Tate - (D)
4 Abraham Aiyash - (D)
5 Cynthia Johnson - (D)
6 Tyrone Carter - (D)
7 Helena Scott - (D)
8 Stephanie Young - (D)
9 Karen Whitsett - (D)
10 Mary Cavanagh - (D)
11 Jewell Jones - (D)
12 Alex Garza - (D)
13 Tullio Liberati - (D)
14 Cara Clemente - (D)
15 Abdullah Hammoud - (D)
16 Kevin Coleman - (D)
17 Joseph Bellino - (R)
18 Kevin Hertel - (D)
19 Laurie Pohutsky - (D)
20 Matt Koleszar - (D)
21 Rajeev Puri - (D)
22 Richard Steenland - (D)
23 Darrin Camileri - (D)
24 Steve Marino - (R)
25 Nate Shannon - (D)
26 Jim Ellison - (D)
27 Regina Weiss - (D)
28 Lori Stone - (D)
28 Brenda Carter - (D)
30 Diana Farrington - (R)
31 William Sowerby - (D)
32 Pamela Hornberger - (R)
33 Jeff Yaroch - (R)
34 Cynthia Neely - (D)
35 Kyra Bolden - (D)
36 Doug Wozniak - (R)
37 Samantha Steckloff - (D)
38 Kelly Breen - (D)
39 Ryan Berman - (R)
40 Mari Manoogian - (D)
41 Padma Kuppa - (D)
42 Ann Bollin - (R)
43 Andrea Schroeder - (R)
44 Matt Maddock - (R)
45 Mark Tisdel - (R)
46 John Reilly - (R)
48 Sheryl Kennedy - (D)
49 John Cherry - (D)
50 Tim Sneller - (D)
51 Mike Mueller - (R)
52 Donna Lasinski - (D)
53 Yousef Rabhi - (D)
54 Ronnie Peterson - (D)
55 Felicia Brabec - (D)
56 TC Clements - (R)
57 Bronna Kahle - (R)
58 Andrew Fink - (R)
59 Steve Carra - (R)
60 Julie Rogers - (D)
61 Bronwyn Haltom - (R)
62 Jim Haadsma - (D)
63 Matt Hall - (R)
64 Julie Alexander - (R)
65 Sarah Lightner - (R)
66 Beth Griffin - (R)
67 Kara Hope - (D)
68 Sarah Anthony - (D)
69 Julie Brixie - (D)
70 Pat Outman - (R)
71 Angela Witwer - (D)
72 Steven Johnson - (R)
73 Bryan Posthumus - (R)
74 Mark E. Huizenga - (R)
75 David LaGrand - (D)
76 Rachel Hood - (D)
77 Tommy Brann - (R)
78 Brad Paquette - (R)
79 Pauline Wendzel - (R)
80 Mary Whiteford - (R)
81 Gary Eisen - (R)
82 Gary Howell - (R)
84 Phil Green - (R)
85 Ben Frederick - (R)
86 Thomas Albert - (R)
87 Julie Calley - (R)
88 Luke Meerman - (R)
89 Jim Lilly - (R)
90 Bradley Slagh - (R)
91 Greg VanWoerkom - (R)
92 Terry Sabo - (D)
93 Graham Filler - (R)
94 Rodney Wakeman - (R)
95 Amos O'Neal - (D)
96 Brian Elder - (D)
97 Jason Wentworth - (R)
98 Annette Glenn - (R)
99 Roger Hauck - (R)
100 Scott VanSingel - (R)
101 Jack O'Malley - (R)
102 Michele Hoitenga - (R)
103 Daire Rendon - (R)
104 John Roth - (R)
105 Ken Borton - (R)
106 Sue Allor - (R)
107 John Damoose - (R)
108 Beau LaFave - (R)
109 Sara Cambensy - (D)
110 Gregory Markkanen - (R)