Marianne McCreary

When you create a business, live a dream, and love what you do you share that enthusiasm and energy by nature. Realtors® do more than “sell real estate”. We build communities, advocate for property rights, volunteer in our communities, and serve on committees. All this and more leads to one thing. A better place to live and work.

 There is a commitment I have made becoming a Realtor® member, a responsibility beyond the day to day business. The responsibility is to our industry and profession to practice ethical standards, to learn and be open to new ideas, to continue the path of education in our industry, and to be a voice of reason and resource.

Serving as District 8 Representative currently for Michigan Realtors® I understand the relationship importance between, Local, State and National. Equally as important is the understanding the public AND our membership have of the Realtor® profession as our industry changes daily. What are the standards and what are the values we bring?  How do we continue to be the voice of Real Estate and the leading consultant?

Why would I want to be a director you ask?  There are a number of reasons.

  1. I have a passion for my industry and the value of our profession.
  2. I have a commitment that lies beyond showing up in my office and with my clients. It extends beyond my computer and work to the local members and those beyond my geographic boundaries as well as my community and state.
  3. I see the change over 28 years. Where I used to pick up keys at a Cooperative office to show a home and return them after showing…I now listen to the debate of electronic lockboxes or not.
  4. I see the numbers increasing again with agents entering the business. What are WE doing as an industry to make sure that as our membership grows so does its professionalism, integrity and standards of excellence.

While being a part of the BOD the last 2 years I have had the privilege of serving on several Task force committees, Presidential Advisory groups, and served as a member of the Public Policy Committee. Discussions that involved “Data sharing” from local, regional and state levels were opened up to gain a bigger perspective of what the membership wanted.  Licensing legislations and revisions with LARA, Continuing Education accreditation and compliance with regulations involving best practices while serving the public and our profession were some of items of discussion.

We knew the importance of having brick and mortar in our industry and made that known with our legislative constituents.   We have extended our hands to nearby neighbors in aid for floods in Virginia, and Water in Flint.  As an association, we are a huge voice and we need advocates that work in the trenches, work beyond the business and are involved in their communities.

I am that advocate and would love to continue that opportunity for you and our Industry.

Thank you.


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