Good Neighbor Award Program

The Michigan Realtors® Good Neighbor Award recognizes Realtors® who make extraordinary commitments to improving the quality of life in their communities.

The winner will be recognized during the 2023 Michigan Realtors® Convention and will receive a $2,500 grant toward the 501(C)(3) that they are affiliated with for the purpose of this award.

(All Michigan Realtors® members can apply)

Applications are now closed for 2023. Thank you, for applying!



Michigan Realtors® Good Neighbor Award Winners

Kimberly Harder Webb
Upper Peninsula
Imagination Factory Children’s Museum

Stacey Ruwe
West Michigan Lakeshore
Soup For All

Denny Moore & Linda Ellsworth-Moore
Greater Lansing
Child and Family Charities

Rules and Qualifications

  • Nominees must be members of National Association of Realtors® and Michigan Realtors® in good standing.
  • Nominees should have contributed to a program that improves the livability of a community. Those activities aren’t limited to real estate or housing issues.
  • Nominees should have made a significant contribution of personal time, but contributions of money, materials, or other resources will be considered by the judges as well.
  • Nominees will be judged on level of personal contribution, impact of personal contribution, broadness of impact, and the project’s suitability as a role model for other Realtors®
  • The award is intended to recognize individual contributions, not association- or company-wide efforts. However, if an individual can be singled out as instrumental to the success of a group effort, he or she is eligible. If the achievements of two people (such as a married couple or co-founders of an organization) absolutely cannot be separated, they can enter as a pair and their entry will be considered as one.
  • Some portion of the nominee’s community work must have taken place between during the time period indicated, but judges will also consider ongoing efforts outside that time frame that demonstrate a depth of commitment.
  • Nominees should be able to document the results of their individual involvement though published reports and/or testimonials from the organization they served or the people they helped.
  • Nominations must be accompanied by a completed entry form to be considered.