Christopher Courtney

Chris Courtney has been a full time REALTOR for the last 27 years.  The real estate business is and has been his ONLY profession and source of income since 1988.  He is the broker/owner of Remerica Hometown, REALTORS in Plymouth and he wants to serve us as a District 11 Director at the Michigan REALTORS (MR).

Chris’s name is probably familiar to you since he has served you many times before.  Most noticeably, he was our local board President in 2004, chosen as REALTOR of the Year in 2005, elected and served as WWOCAR Director 1999-2012 and NAR Director in 2004.  Currently, Chris presides over Realcomp as its President, a title that he has held for the past 2 years.  Chris is also in his second 3 year term on the state scholarship committee, MARST.

Additional positions that Chris has served on our behalf include WWOCAR (now GMAR) committees:  Finance, RPAC, By-laws, Professional Standards, Grievance, Technology, Special Activities and Building Task Force.  He has spent 6 years working for us as well as the personal property rights of our sellers and buyers on the state RPAC committee.  Chris strongly believes in protecting personal property rights, keeping the mortgage interest deduction in place and safeguarding our industry from outside forces.  “I feel that RPAC allows for the best opportunity to reach those goals” Courtney said.  As a staunch supporter of RPAC, Chris was honored and recognized at a ceremony in Washington D.C. during the REALTORS 2015 Mid-Year meetings by being inducted into the prestigious RPAC Hall of Fame club.   This honor is for REALTORS who have voluntarily contributed over $25,000.00 to RPAC.

Education is very important to Chris as well.  He has obtained his CRB, GRI, SFR, and RRC designations.  He is an avid Howard Brinton Star Power Club devotee and a graduate of the Floyd Wickman Sweathog Program.  Both of which have had a profound effect on his career.  Chris is a frequent attendee at numerous state and national conventions.  His career includes educating members of the public through several home buyer and home seller seminars as well as training REALTORS in the field.  He is never one to shy away from helping a fellow REALTOR regardless of their company affiliation.

While serving as our District 11 MR Director, Chris brings a wealth of real world experience that will help the MR reach their goals both locally and nationally.

Chris lives in Plymouth with his wife of 23 years, Debbie, (they were also high school sweethearts before marriage), and their 5 kids.

We need someone like Chris Courtney working for us at the MR.  Please vote for Chris he wants to serve US.

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