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Realtors Property Resource® (RPR), one of the most innovative benefits included in your NAR membership, offers on-the-go access to the most powerful data platform available exclusively to Realtors®. Easily accessed through desktop, iOS and Android devices, RPR’s database is the largest and most far reaching real estate platform of its kind, with data sets ranging from tax and mortgage history to listings, sales, valuations, demographics and school information. As a powerful marketing tool, RPR allows Realtors® to create custom-branded, client-friendly reports that can be printed, emailed or texted...anytime, anywhere.  

      Search hundreds of datasets on more than 160 million on-and-off market properties

      Create the ultimate listing package with RPR’s Comp Analysis tool

      Calculate the ROI for your client’s home improvement

      Send customized reports from your Smartphone, iPad, Android Tablet, or desktop

Start your journey to success by visiting RPR’s learning center or register by visiting And don’t forget to install RPR Mobile for anytime, anywhere access.

No-cost member benefit

Realtors Property Resource® (RPR) is member benefit of the National Association of Realtors® built exclusively for Realtors® and offered at no additional cost to members. Available to Realtors® across the country, RPR has tools for residential and commercial practitioners, brokers and appraisers. The Michigan Realtors® endorses RPR as a valuable member tool that helps keep you relevant to consumers.

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Featured Story: RPR School Data Important to Relocating Clients

As the school year comes to an end, the seasonal upswing in the market is just beginning. Many buyers and sellers, especially those with children, time their next move with the completion of one school year and the beginning of another. And as buyers are looking for certain qualities in a home like number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a pool, one story vs. a two story, one thing is for certain: if there are children involved, they have their mind set on a particular school district or a specific elementary, middle or high school. Because Realtors® pride themselves on being the ‘local market expert’, RPR has partnered with both Maponics and Great Schools to give Realtors® school zoning and informational data clients need to make an educated decision.   

With school district and attendance zones from Maponics, RPR provides Realtors® with the functionality to search for properties based on school district boundaries, or attendance zones of elementary and middle schools. For example, if a buyer insists that the home being purchased is located within the “Union School District”, RPR allows a Realtor® to use the map search to select that district and look for properties solely within those district limits. The same is true for a specific elementary school. And if the buyers want to be able to walk their children to school, you can enter the address of the school and perform a ‘distance search’ to find properties within walking distance. Plus, to make it even easier, Realtors® can save that search and easily recall it to search the same boundary for other clients. 

If clients are unsure about which school district, or school itself, would be a good fit for them, or if you have relocating clients, RPR provides school data from Great Schools. Through Great Schools, RPR has information on test scores, number of students enrolled, student to teacher ratio, and even reviews written about districts and schools. With this information at their fingertips, Realtors® can easily educate their clients on the school assigned to a specific property, or in a given area, allowing their clients to make a well-informed decision. 

The best part? These map layers as well as the school information and reviews can be included as part of an RPR Property Report.  No longer do Realtors® need to print multiple reports: one for the property a client is interested in, another from a website showing neighborhood demographics, and yet another with school information. All this information can be included in a customized and branded Property Report directly from RPR. Translating this school data, and all your other market knowledge into an RPR report will ensure the best possible buying or selling experience for your customers and equals referrals and repeat customers!  

8 Powerful RPR Resources You Should Be Using in 2015

With the new year comes a fresh start.  A new beginning full of new resolutions, ideas, and plans for all that needs to get accomplished.  Many Realtors® are asking themselves: How can I grow my business? How can I maximize my time? Am I taking advantage of all the tools I have available to me? How can I better compete in my market? How can I spend more time with loved ones and less time in the office? No matter what your 2015 goals are for your business, RPR can help you achieve them. Here we’ll countdown the 8 powerful resources within RPR that will help you achieve your 2015 goals, regardless of your specialty.

8. Sales Comparison Analysis: RPR not only gives Realtors® in-depth property information, but the flexibility to create a customized Sales Comparison Analysis.  From searching by specific criteria, or even within a particular school zone, Realtors® are easily assessing properties, adjusting and weighting each comparable and creating impressive reports.   

7. Investment Analysis: Do you have clients looking for an investment property? Or perhaps your clients are looking for detailed information on how long their should hold onto their property to achieve the desired profit. With preconfigured scenarios for “Rent,” “Re-Sell,” and “Live In,” RPR’s Property Investment Tool exports into an informative spreadsheet that analyzes the subject property with just a few clicks.

6. Home Improvement Tool: Whether you have a client looking to remodel, or wondering what their kitchen remodel from two years ago now adds to their home value, RPR’s Home Improvement Tool can help. Simply enter the type of improvement/remodel, when it was completed and how much was spent. By partnering with Hanley Wood, an aggregator of residential and commercial construction data, as well as the publisher of “Remodeling” magazine, RPR’s Home Improvement Tool calculates home improvements down to the zip code level in today’s dollars. And each of these home improvements will not only be included in the refined property estimate, they will also be included on the Seller’s Report you give to your sellers so they can see the ROI for each improvement.  

5. Company Branding: If you’re a Broker or Manager, you know how important it is to showcase your company. With RPR’s Broker Tool Sets, you can ensure your agents see your brand not only when they login to RPR, but your brand will be prominently featured on each and every report your agents create in RPR.

4. Demographic, Psychographic and Spending Data in RPR Commercial: RPR Commercial isn’t just for commercial practitioners. Imagine that your client is looking to relocate to a new community. They are young and want to live in an area with a lot of nightlife and good restaurants. With RPR Commercial, you can get the “who” of the lifestyle demography with the “where” of the local neighborhood to create a model of various lifestyle classifications. And just like RPR Residential, you can include all of this information in customized RPR Commercial reports. After logging in to RPR, click on the “RPR Commercial” link at the top of the screen and you’ll be on your way.  

3. School Data via the Property Report: If your clients have children, you can be sure they are concerned about school districts and attendance zones. With school district and attendance zones from Maponics, you cannot only search for properties within a specific district or attendance zone, but include test scores, contact information and reviews for the school associated with a property in an RPR Property Report.

2. RVM: Both new and seasoned Realtors® need a starting point when pricing a home. RPR’s exclusive Realtors Valuation Model®, or RVM, can provide an accurate place to begin valuing a property. Using proprietary algorithms, an RVM can only be calculated if strict criteria is met, including at least 2 comparable properties from MLS listing, sales and off market data. And with RPR’s ‘Confidence Score,’ you can be sure the value you’re giving is backed up with RPR’s stringent standards.  

1. RPR Mobile™: Realtors® everywhere are impressing clients while on the go. RPR Mobile™ gives you access to RPR from anywhere, at any time. Search properties, add photos and notes, create and send reports and much more. If you haven’t already, head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download RPR Mobile™ for free.  

So as you begin 2015, know RPR has you covered whether you’re working with buyers, sellers, investors or commercial clients. If you want to learn more about these resources, visit our on-demand learning on our blog, or call our 24 hour customer service at 877.977.7576.  

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