Matt Robertson

I am deeply committed to the growth and stewardship of the real estate industry and believe I am uniquely qualified to serve as a District Director. My professional experiences include 14 years as a full-time agent and broker-owner. As an agent, I have a record of high performance serving rural and urban, residential, income and commercial clients. As the broker-owner of three Century 21 offices, I’ve implemented tools, training programs and other tactical measures to grow our firm’s business rapidly; a noteworthy accomplishment given the declining market conditions of the past several years. I have also had the privilege of serving our local Association as 2015 President as well as significant involvement for many years on a wide span of committees and other leadership capacities. Additionally, I have been actively involved with Century 21’s Midwest Leadership Council serving as the President and as an active member.     

I am of the firm belief that the current real estate market demands strategic, decisive, data-driven, nimble leadership. Our industry is rapidly evolving as a result of economic, technological, regulatory, demographic and other societal changes. These changes challenge both Realtors® and broker-owners in ways never before seen. Effectively managing these changes requires leaders with strategic vision who can identify, assess and execute innovative tactical plans while remaining open and aware of newly emerging obstacles and opportunities.

As a broker-owner of three offices in rural, suburban and urban areas, relatively small, medium and larger in size, I have a unique perspective which will empower my ability to effectively serve as a District Director. As a currently active agent with years of experience, I’m sensitive to the ever present challenges of managing workloads and costs while keeping up with new technologies, rules, regulations and other practical burdens placed upon us. I also fully understand the diverse needs of different agents and brokerage firms and am keenly aware of the need to adapt to changing market conditions while respecting the fundamental personal service relationship between buyers, sellers and their Realtors® as well as Realtors® and their broker-owners.

Importantly, I also have a deep and wide spanning history of involvement and leadership with both our local Board and with Century 21’s franchise leadership group. These experiences enable me to have a strong understanding of the behind-the-scenes, practical, functional elements that allow us to serve our agents, communities and clients. As a District Director, I will bring positive energy, strong communication skills, an open analytical mind and an innate sense of fairness, cooperation and responsibility to effectively represent the 3rd district. 

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