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Task Force Seeks Education Reform - Together we can do better

The MAR membership is strongly devoted to preserving the integrity of the real estate profession. That is why MAR has formed a task force to address real estate education reform in Michigan. The task force is led by Co-Chairs Dennis Pearsall of Real Estate One Traverse City and June Clark of the Monroe County Association of REALTORS® and will address pre-licensure, post-licensure, continuing education requirements and implementation.

MAR members continually rank professionalism as being more important than ever and welcome efforts to ensure that the consumer and industry are well served by skilled, knowledge-driven, and trained licensed professionals.  The real estate market is constantly changing and experience, knowledge and practical competence are a must to fully serve today’s complex consumer. Licensee and continuing education requirements need to keep pace with market trends and create accountability within the industry. MAR members see the value in stressing core real estate subjects that better serve the consumer, as well as practical experience for real estate licensees.

As the task force looks into forming recommendations of how to restructure Michigan’s real estate requirements, they will be seeking feedback from colleagues throughout the industry. The task force, MAR leadership and members have encouraged a great deal of open debate on how licensing and education requirements should change. MAR will strive to keep its members posted on the findings and conclusions of the task force.

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