Larry Henney

Hello Colleagues,

I’ve worked for 30 years selling real estate in our area. When the crash came in 2008 I worked hard to be part of the solution. As an agent for the municipalities of Westland, Livonia & Redford, I helped hundreds of families move back into homes through the federal NSP program.

I’ve been on our local Government Affairs and RPAC Committees since 2011 and in the early 90’s when I apposed proposal “A”. I am on the Advisory Committee for the William D. Ford Career Center.

I’m concerned about the things that effect our income:

  • Ethics
  • City Inspections
  • Signage
  • Property Values

Things that effect property values:

  • Consolidation of Government Services between Cities and School Districts
  • Revenue Sharing from Lansing
  • Property Taxes
  • Emergency Managers

I’m concerned about the things that affect us and not those that effect Lansing or Grand Rapids.

Thank you for your consideration.


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